Bank workers on two-day strike against privatization: The Tribune India


Shivani Bhakoo

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, December 16

Despite the fog and the drop in temperature, hundreds of bank workers under the banner of the United Forum of Bank Unions gathered today in front of the Canara Bank, here Bharat Nagar Chowk, to protest against the decision to privatize the government.

A rally was held on the occasion, to which several senior leaders spoke, including PR Mehta, President of the Federation of Bank Employees of the Punjab, DP Maur, General Secretary of the Joint Trade Union Council, Rajinder Pal Aulakh of the Union of agricultural technocrats from Punjab and Naresh. Gaur, host, UFBU.

Addressing the rally, Mehta said, “The nationalized banks have played a major role in the development of agriculture, small businesses, small businesses, ISS, transport and in the rehabilitation of the weakest layers of the country. the society. There is an argument that public sector banks are not doing well and therefore, to be more efficient, these banks need to be privatized. We are all familiar with the effectiveness of private banks, many of which have failed and closed in the past due to mismanagement. On the other hand, all public sector banks are doing well and making substantial profits. The privatization of these reputable banks will be a drastic step. “

Gaur said: “Everyone is aware that in a developing country like India, where banks run huge public economies and where they need to play a leading role in ensuring widespread economic development, the banking sector socially oriented public is the most appropriate and imperative need. . Thus, for 25 years, under the banner of the UFBU, we have opposed banking reform policies aimed at weakening public sector banks.

He said that banks and insurance companies take care of people’s money. To privatize them means to hand over people’s money to private interests. It has therefore become inevitable for the United Forum of Banking Unions to attract the attention of the government and bank managements with agitation.


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