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If you have a taste for 3D modeling, physical container design is definitely a field to explore. Advertising/MarketingThese jobs exist in both the print and digital categories with more and more dollars being directed away from print and towards digital every year. I merely placed it in the print category because that’s where these industries were born along with radio and television. Advertising and marketing are two very closely intertwined but distinct categories of design. Some firms specialize in one over the other, some do both. As a designer with a job in advertising, you might do a little marketing and vice versa. The result should look like the following: However, the outcome seems too bright still.

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People who work in the careers indicated below use many of the same skills as those used by graphic designers.


The title of the infographic is a perfect opportunity to use a fun and eye catching font and to give it a treatment that fits the theme or topic.


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