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”Mac Operators are often not usually in a position to display much, if any, creative prowess. Instead their roles are restricted to converting existing low resolution artwork or sketches from designers to a print ready layered file or to make minor changes to preexisting work created by someone else. As an example, I worked for a marketing company who would have designers come up with a first round of artwork, which would be sent off for approval. If the piece came back with copy changes and other slight suggestions, it would go to the Mac Operators to be tweaked. If however, it required major design changes, it would go back to the higher level designers. In smaller companies this is obviously done all by one person but larger companies want to make sure they’re paying high level designers to do high level work, not copy changes. Mid Level DesignerThis takes almost no explanation and is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. As a mid level designer, you’re neither at the bottom or the top. You have a few years of experience, often anywhere from 3 7, that has earned you a reasonable pay bump and the freedom to actually engage in custom design projects from the ground up whether as a team member or solo designer. “These are the meat of the industry and tend to be the guys and girls who produce the largest volume of work. ”Advertising agencies, marketing companies, dedicated design firms, these are filled with midlevel designers. The professional graphic design industry grew in parallel with consumerism.

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This escalation of elements to signal importance is often called "hierarchy," which we will discuss more in depth later, do not fear!But for now, let's look at an example that uses the scale to signify importance.


The point of this article is to get you thinking about all the different types of designer you could be.


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