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Related party transactions

Rule 12g3 2(b) Exemption # 82-35186

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Notice on Related Party Transaction (CVM Resolution 80/2022

Next, the details required by Annex F (art. 2) of CVM resolution 80, dated 03/29/2022.

I – description of the transaction, including:

a) the parties and their relationship with BB; and

Federal Government – Secretary of the

National Treasure.

b) the object and the general conditions.

Advance payment of BRL 1.0 billion

relating to the amicable agreement signed by






(997/PGFN/CAF), as a Hybrid

Capital and debt instrument.

II – if, when and how the counterparty to the transaction, their associates or managers participated in the process:

a) BB’s decision on the transaction, describing

Not applicable.

this involvement; and

b) negotiating the transaction as BB’s

Not applicable.

representatives, describing this participation;

III – detailed explanation of why BB’s management considers that the transaction has observed commutative conditions or provides for an appropriate compensatory payment, by informing, for example:

a) if BB has

proposals requested,

Not applicable.

undertaken any price-taking procedure, or

otherwise attempted to complete the transaction

with third parties, explaining, if this is not the case, the reasons

why he did not do so or, if so, the procedures

carried out and their results

b) the reasons which led

BB to perform the

The Board of Directors has approved a request

transaction with the related party and not with a third party

for the early settlement of BRL 1.0 billion related

parties; and

to BB’s mutual agreement with the federal government

Government (997/PGFN/CAF), in the form of

Hybrid equity and debt instrument. The

Central Bank of Brazil, on 07.19.2022,

approved the request for early liquidation of

BB, as provided for in CMN Resolution 4955



On 28.07.2022,


the settlement transaction was carried out with the

transfer of the amount to the Treasury.

(c) a detailed description of the measures taken and

The operation respects the commutativity

procedures adopted to ensure the functioning


is formalized




terms agreed in the contract.

If the transaction is a loan granted by BB to the related party, the information provided must necessarily include:

I – an explanation of why BB chose to

Not applicable.

grant it, indicating any guarantees required;

II- analysis of the borrower’s credit risk, including a

Not applicable.

independent risk classification, if applicable;

III – description of how the interest rate

Not applicable.

was set, taking into account the risk-free market rate and the

the borrower’s credit risk;

IV – comparison between the interest rate of the loan

Not applicable.

and other similar apps in the market,

explain the reasons for any discrepancies;

V – comparison between the interest rate of the loan and

Not applicable.

the rates of other loans received by the borrower,

explain the reasons for any discrepancies;

VI – description of the impact of the operation on

Not applicable.

the condition of financial liquidity and the BB’s

debt level.

Related party transactions

Rule 12g3 2(b) Exemption # 82-35186 Free English translation


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