Buhari government has no plan for young Nigerians – Union and TUC react to protracted strike by university teachers


The Trades Union Congress has criticized the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the persistent strike launched by the Academic Staff Union of the University (ASUU), which has crippled the country’s public universities since February 2022.

TUC Chairman in Kogi State, Ranti Ojo, in an interview with the Daily Post on Saturday, said President Buhari’s body language in the face of the ongoing strike showed his administration had no plan to the future of Nigerian youth.

He lamented the continued crisis in the country’s education sector, noting that students were always the beneficiaries whenever organized unions took strike action.

He recalled that the crisis between the ASUU and the federal government goes back a long way to 2009 when the latter reneged on the agreement it had with the union leaders.

Ojo, however, warned that the federal government should do something urgently to avoid any breakdown in law and order across the country, pointing out that a repeat of the #EndSARS protest could likely happen again as students are already missing. patience with their leaders.

“We have many students who are supposed to be part of the National Youths Service Corps, but now they are wandering the streets because of the ongoing strike. Our children are now transforming into something else. Immorality, theft, insecurity and many more are now the order of the day.

“The government feels less concerned because most of its children are out of school in this country. With what is on the ground, the current administration has no plan for our education or the future of our young people.

“The political class let us down because their children are not in the country when they are all abroad. Something urgent needs to be done to avert any crisis in Nigeria. The education sector must be a priority.

“Look at the money they budget for our parliamentarians. Can you imagine a political appointee buying a nomination form for 100 million naira? Where did he find the money to do this? This is the Minister of State for Education. For me, the political class has let us down, not only in the field of education, but in all its ramifications,” he lamented.


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