Federal government announces changes to payment of leave in the event of a pandemic


The federal government has announced changes to its pandemic relief payment to reflect changing regulations on testing, isolation and close contact across the country.

While a payment of $ 750 has been available for people who missed more than 20 hours of work because they had to self-isolate after testing positive, caring for someone with COVID- 19 or be close contact, the changes will see the scale of the amount based on the amount of work lost over a seven day period.

This change will take effect on January 18.

From Monday, January 10, people who test positive for the virus via a rapid antigen test (RAT) will now also be able to request payment, whereas previously only a PCR result was accepted.

People will be able to make complaints through Centrelink. (Getty)

“The Pandemic Disaster Leave Payment ensures that eligible workers diagnosed with COVID-19, identified as close contact or caring for someone with COVID-19 can access the support they need.” , said Federal Infrastructure Minister Bridget McKenzie.

Payment for pandemic disaster leave will be calculated based on the number of hours of work a person has lost or is expected to lose during a quarantine period of up to seven days.

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Anyone who has lost or is about to lose more than 20 hours of work will still be entitled to $ 750.

For people who lost at least a day, up to 7 pm, can get $ 450.

A financial hardship test will also be introduced, with people with $ 10,000 or more in available funds not being eligible for payments.

The program is funded by the federal and state governments.

Anyone who has lost or is about to lose more than 20 hours of work will be eligible for $ 750. (Photograph by Chris Hopkins)

Complaints will need to be filed through Centrelink, with a new online complaints system to be created to facilitate the process.


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