Federal government announces financial support for Queensland flood victims


The Federal Government is providing financial support to victims of the flood crisis in South East Queensland.

Those affected can claim $1,000 per adult and $400 per child, with payments due from 1 p.m. local time on Monday, February 28.

Watch the video above for all the support available to flood victims

Support is currently available for those in the worst affected areas of the council, with eligibility expected to be expanded as more are affected by the emergency in the coming days.

Federal Minister for Emergency Management and National Recovery and Resilience Bridget McKenzie told Sunrise that the Disaster Recovery Benefit is also available for victims.

A vehicle submerged in floodwaters in the Brisbane suburb of Oxley. Credit: Getty Images

It sees the government providing a maximum of 13 weeks of payment to employees who have suffered a loss of income as a direct result of a disaster.

The government will try to get the money out as quickly as possible.

“We know that when people have to leave their homes, you need immediate financial support,” Senator McKenzie said Monday.

“We have payments through MyGov of $1000 per individual and $400 per child and we have the Disaster Recovery Allowance in place.”

This map shows areas near the Brisbane River that are expected to be affected by flooding.
This map shows areas near the Brisbane River that are expected to be affected by flooding. Credit: Sunrise

Senator McKenzie said she was “absolutely blown away by the scale” of the flood disaster and pledged to continue supporting affected citizens during the immediate crisis and throughout the “very long recovery.”

South East Queensland has been hit by a massive rain bomb which has dumped huge amounts of water causing major flooding which threatens to inundate thousands of homes.

“This very unusual weather system just sat over these communities and it’s still raining,” Senator McKenzie said.

For more information on support, to check eligibility and to apply, Click here


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