Federation Council adopts first economic development strategy


The Federation Council adopted the region’s first economic development strategy following extensive engagement and collaboration with the community.

Federation Council CEO Adrian Butler said the 2021-2025 economic development strategy reflects the Federation region – diverse, innovative, forward-thinking and full of exciting opportunities.

“The Federation region we all know is full of opportunities and our future in terms of economic prosperity looks bright,” he said.

“There is still a lot of work to be done as we continue to diversify and evolve to ensure that our region is best positioned to attract investment and capitalize on opportunities for economic growth, but now is the time to build. on good foundations. “

As part of this strategy, the Council established a clear framework to strengthen local businesses, empower our community, leverage key industries, and improve economic diversity and resilience.

Mr Butler said the Council would support the local economy by proposing a range of specific initiatives and actions to demonstrate economic leadership and instill confidence in the local market.

“Attracting investment not only provides an important economic stimulus, but also attracts new technologies and innovations and generates additional investment and job creation through supply chains,” he said.

“We believe the region is well placed to move forward and capitalize on new opportunities. We are confident in a sustainable economic future and, as a Board, we are committed to seizing the opportunities outlined throughout this strategy. “

The main objectives of this strategy are to harness local economic strengths, provide clear pathways to overcome challenges and take advantage of economic opportunities.

The Federation Council has identified seven strategic themes to guide the implementation of this economic development strategy which are as follows:

  • Strengthening of local businesses;
  • Empower our community;
  • Take advantage of key industries;
  • Improve economic diversity and resilience;
  • Stimulate the visitor economy;
  • Attract investment; and
  • Increase skills and economic capacity.

Mr. Butler said the economic development strategy will now position the regional economy for future success and enable local residents, businesses, investors and visitors to realize economic benefits.

“We want the Strategy to be guided by the Community. Economic development is not about dictating by the Council what will happen; it’s about working with the community to set strategic goals that we can all work on together, ”he said.

“The strategy will ultimately provide clear and comprehensive guidelines and strategic tools to support the development of our economy throughout the local government area. “

See strategy.

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