Federation Council Cancels Contract for Third Stage of Corowa Vending Yards Upgrade Due to Budget Issues | border mail


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The Federation Council has dropped the latest Corowa Sales Yard redevelopment contract and will review it at its May meeting. A special council meeting was held on Tuesday and councilors voted 6-1 behind closed doors to suspend the suggested work, which was expected to go over budget. Mayor Pat Bourke was the only councilor present to vote against. The Board resolved to revise the scope of the project to avoid needing more funding above the project budget and to award contracts without the need for another tender. The need to meet the June 2022 deadline, the limited responses to the initial tender, the lack of nearby contractors who did not submit bids due to their workload, and the difficulties of supply of materials and specialist contractors were factors in the decision. Cr Bourke said all bids received exceeded the project budget to deliver the designed public administration building. “It’s a tough time for the construction industry right now with huge increases in material costs affecting projects such as ours that were costed before material costs rose,” he said. -he declares. IN OTHER NEWS: “The Council will return to the market to assess options to proceed with the delivery of a public administration building that will best meet the needs of our user groups within the available budget. ” Cr Bourke requests that his vote be recorded against the resolutions presented to council for the call for tenders for the sales sites. “I respect the direction of the council as mayor, but as an individual councilor I would have liked us to negotiate with the building companies that tendered to identify if there was a possibility of revising the scope of the building and find savings,” he said. “This was the previous process, but I respect the board’s direction that resulted in a different outcome from the original concept. I look forward to receiving the May report and recommendations to consider moving this project forward.” Deputy Mayor Shaun Whitechurch and Councilor Andrew Kennedy apologized, the latter had a conflict of interest as he submitted a bid for the works. Our reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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