Israeli forces kill Palestinian militant in West Bank raid


JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli troops raided the hometown of a Palestinian man who carried out a fatal shooting in Tel Aviv on Saturday, sparking a shootout in the occupied West Bank that left at least one Palestinian militant dead, according to Israeli and Palestinian accounts.

The arrest raid was the latest in a series of events that have heightened tensions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Clashes and protests in Jerusalem last year helped spark an 11-day war with Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

In Saturday’s raid, the Israeli military said it carried out what it described as a counter-terrorism operation in and around the city of Jenin – the area in the northern West Bank where the shooter in Thursday’s attack had lived. He said troops were monitoring the attacker’s house “to examine the potential demolition of the house”. Israel often demolishes the homes of Palestinian attackers in a controversial practice it says deters would-be attackers, but critics dismiss as collective punishment.

The army said it also carried out an operation to arrest people suspected of militant activities.

During the raids, he said soldiers came under fire. Troops returned fire, killing one militant. The Islamic Jihad militant group identified the man as a member.

The military said a second gunman was shot and taken for medical treatment. He said the man’s gun had been confiscated.

Jenin is considered a stronghold of Palestinian militants. Israeli forces often come under fire when operating in the area. Even the Palestinian Authority, which administers parts of the occupied West Bank and coordinates with Israel on security issues, appears to have little control.

In Thursday’s shooting, a Palestinian gunman opened fire in central Tel Aviv, killing three people. The attacker, identified as Raad Hazem, 28, from Jenin, was later killed by Israeli forces.

It was the fourth deadly attack in Israel by Palestinians in three weeks and came at a time of heightened tensions around the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Two of these attacks were carried out by men from Jenin.

Despite the violence, Israel has taken steps to ease tensions, including granting thousands of work permits to residents of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and allowing thousands of Palestinians into Jerusalem for Ramadan prayers. friday.

But on Saturday, Israel announced new restrictions on Jenin and its residents. The measures included banning Arab residents of Israel from entering the city for shopping, suspending entry permits to Israel held by Jenin businessmen and depriving Jenin residents of surrender visiting relatives in Israel as part of Ramadan goodwill gestures for West Bank Palestinians.

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