Russian senator calls for YouTube ban as Google suspends Federation Council accounts – Reuters


“The Youtube accounts of the Federation Council and the Vmeste-RF (Together-Russia) TV channel have been blocked, and all information has been deleted without the possibility of recovery,” the council said on Telegram.

Google’s notification said the accounts had been blocked “in accordance with rules regarding export restrictions and the application of penalties”, as cited by the advice.

The statement added that the council and the broadcaster have actively developed national platforms to make their content available to users regardless of the actions of hostile countries.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Commission on Information Policy and Interaction with the Media of the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament), Alexey Pushkov, plans to ask the federal body to telecommunications watchdog and the attorney general’s office to consider a nationwide ban on YouTube, as the senator himself told TASS.

“I will appeal to Roskomnadzor (the telecommunications watchdog) and the Russian Attorney General’s Office to impose a turnover fine on Google while evaluating the possibility of banning YouTube in Russia”, Pushkov said, adding that a temporary ban was possible as a final decision. Attention. “The 60 Russian government and government-related accounts have already been blocked,” the senator pointed out.

He excoriated YouTube as a news project fueled by ideology.

“One of the main goals of their work is to keep their grip on the Russian public and to make the Russian public dependent on their platform because it has quite a few users. They take advantage of this dependency to impose their policy on us, which which is an unacceptable practice,” Pushkov stressed.


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