Saree-clad robot receives startup loan documents from bank employees in Kochi | Tendency


In an interesting turn of events, a Kerala-based start-up did something absolutely original while receiving its loan documents from bank employees. They brought a robot dressed in a sari to receive the documents. A video of the event was also shared online and stunned people.

Ananth Rupanagudi, whose Twitter account says he is a railway bureaucrat, posted the video. “The Federal Bank, Kochi Branch has approved a loan to a robot manufacturing company. Company staff brought a robot to receive the loan sanction letter,” he wrote while sharing the video.

The clip opens to show the robot wearing a traditional saree. In the video, the robot also addresses everyone on the site. “Hi everyone, I am so happy to meet everyone today at Ernakulam Press Club. I wish you all a very happy Onam in advance,” the robot says and gives a short speech.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted two days ago. Since sharing, the clip has racked up over 29,000 views and the numbers are only growing. The CEO of ASIMOV Robotics Pvt Ltd, the startup that received the loan, responded to the post. He tweeted a video of the same robot singing a traditional song. “Here she sings the traditional boat song,” he wrote and posted this beautiful video.

Both videos received various comments from Twitter users. “Jokes aside, it’s really, really encouraging to have to believe in something you’re putting money into, and I think that might be the right approach to selling/marketing an idea to get funding for.” These guys turned concept marketing into product marketing. All the best,” one Twitter user wrote. “Pretty innovative,” said another. “Interesting,” shared a third.


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