Surfside to Benefit as Feds Commit $50 Million to Protect Coastal Communities | Bay post-moruya examiner


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Surfside is just one of the coastal communities likely to benefit from the federal government’s new Coastal and Estuarine Hazard Mitigation Program. Federal Senator Bridget McKenzie traveled to Batemans Bay on Sunday February 13 to announce the new program. It has committed $50 million from the National Emergency Response Fund to make coastal and estuarine environments across Australia more resilient to natural disasters. READ MORE Sen McKenzie said the funds were particularly aimed at protecting communities from the effects of natural disasters such as storm surges and coastal flooding. The money will be spent on projects such as levees, storm surges and tidal barriers in estuaries as well as nature-based solutions, such as protecting coastal wetland ecosystems to reduce erosion of the littoral. State governments will receive funds from the federal treasury and distribute them to local communities. Gilmore Liberal candidate Andrew Constance identified Surfside near Batemans Bay and Conjola as two hotspots within the Gilmore electorate that would benefit from the funds.



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