‘The government is the favourite’: Albanians claim outsider status


But Mr Albanese said on Saturday it was Mr Morrison who was devoid of politics. “I didn’t see any,” he said. “He presented a budget where all donations end once people cast their ballots…then it will be back to business as usual, a government treading water.”

Mr Albanese said the government has failed to enact many of its policies since the last election, such as the promised federal anti-corruption commission or the indigenous voice in parliament.

“In so many areas, nothing has happened since the last time, so this time it [Mr Morrison] goes into an election where he only talks about me,” he said.

As the Herald and age reported during the week, Mr Albanese confirmed Labor would make announcements on immigration policy during the campaign. He said several industries would need temporary workers to fill shortages in the months and years to come, but Australia needed to provide more pathways to permanent residency for those workers.

“What the pandemic has revealed is our vulnerability as an economy when there are closures of our borders. We have become too dependent on temporary workers,” Mr. Albanese said. “What we need to do is have a sensible discussion about migration policy.”


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