Was Edge’s comeback promoted on Money in the Bank?


With Money in the bank Officially in the books, fans across the WWE Universe have one question and one question only from the Premium Live Event: Who was the mystery man in the enigmatic and chilling video package?

OK, technically It’s not correct ; fans want to know what’s next for Liv Morgan now that she’s the Smack down women’s champion, what’s next for Ronda Rousey who isn’t, and why the hell Theory not only made the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but actually took the win over Riddle, Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins.

But still, on a card with very little fat around the edges, it was a curious decision to have a single video segment promoting a surprise debut, comeback or repackage in the middle of the game. an otherwise tight show. Who could it be and when will it pay off? Let’s try to find out.

Breaking down the WWE mystery video package.

from WWE Money in the bank featured a set of cryptic video teasers, and it’s probably not who you initially think for.

just in case you decide to use the bathroom before the Ronda Rousey vs. Natalya game, the video featured standard spooky music, edgy editing, and plenty of lightbulb-centric imagery, religious iconography, and a plaque. Texas registration indicating “Latino Chaleur”, and the color red.

Now, perhaps minus the license plate, this kind of video package screams the return of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. Could it be that Wyatt and WWE have finally settled their differences and he’s making a triumphant return to the Federation, only this time more cult and Fiend-ish than ever?

Well, another clue was quite present in the video: A gold medal.

Is this supposed to be an Olympic gold medal? Well, Kurt Angle has made it clear that he will never return to the ring again, so it has to be Gable Steveson!

So does that mean we’re getting a chilling version of the cult collegiate wrestler frontman of the early ’20s? While it’s clear that his in-ring personality wasn’t exactly there during his Wrestlemania appearance, and a gimmick or angle for his official WWE arrival isn’t the worst idea, making Steveson, a well-known college wrestler, a scary character from the jump seems like a terrible idea, especially when most People watching the livestream are probably now anticipating more Bray Wyatt shenanigans, though it’s up to them whether they wait with excitement or dread.

Well, thankfully, more observant and savvy of pause buttons, Twitter users have managed to pick up on more clues. This license plate wasn’t the only reference to the past, as wrestling teams like the Hardys and Dudleys were also referenced.

Therefore, unless Steveson really likes these superstars and wants to pay homage to them while being a creepy cult leader, the best guess has to be none other than Edge, who notably faced them all in the past.

That’s right, after being betrayed by the slightly creepy Judgment Day, Edge has now gone full creepy in retaliation, and while that still feels like an odd choice, it makes a lot more sense than Steveson. At least all of the crosses in the video could just be a reference to Christian.

It seems only time will tell how and when Edge – or whoever the video refers to – will return.


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