Why the Federal Government Needs to Give Us More Statutory Holidays


When you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria, you know the importance of having a few days off. Some people claim that Nigerians have too many public holidays but we call bullshit. Nigerians don’t have enough time to do things that will make us better citizens and we need more public holidays to clear space for us to be better citizens.

1. The kuku government doesn’t work, so why should the people do it?

A travel blogger also serves as chair but wants us to work throughout the year. O bad nau. Our president doesn’t work when he’s not traveling, so why should we work? Let’s all be like him and take the time to rest.

2. It gives us enough time to process our relocation plans

If the government gave us more public holidays, we would have enough time to process our relocation plans. In this way, we would leave only a few people in government to govern. Because it is perhaps the population that overwhelms our government.

3. Our President has already called young Nigerians lazy and we want to prove him right

Bubu once called us lazy and still wants us to work almost every day of the year. Ha ha; you see too! He needs to give us more days off to prove him right.

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4. We too want to become travel bloggers like our president and his team

He seems to have fun with this work and we want to experience this joy too.

5. Children’s Day should be a national holiday for everyone

In case the government does not know which days to give us, they can give us children’s day, we are also someone’s child. We did not come into the world on our own and need a day to rest.

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6. If Nigerians are well rested, we will not be a nuisance anywhere

Nigerians have a bad reputation for being a nuisance wherever we go and it’s not our fault. We are restless because our government does not give us enough time to rest. More holidays can help solve this problem.

7. More holidays means more time for farm work

Agriculture is a big deal in Nigeria and we the people want to be able to provide our quota for the growth of the agricultural sector. If we get ten public holidays a month, Nigeria will become a world leader in agriculture.

8. We need free time to start our startup akara

We have been told that selling akara is the easiest way to become a billionaire in Nigeria and we all want to be rich. More holidays will give us enough time to start working on our startup akara and become millionaires. It looks good for us and for the Nigerian economy.

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