Car loan despite trial period.

  Starting a new job is usually a reason to be happy. However, anyone who needs a car due to the distance to their new workplace is usually afraid that the financing request sent to the bank will be rejected due to the trial period. Compared to a classic consumer loan, there are small but […]

Mortgage interest expectation

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in 2019? We give our mortgage interest expectation based on recent developments in the market. Mortgage interest rate low With a lowest mortgage interest rate of 1.00%, we can rightly speak of a historic low. The interest currently breaks records on all fixed-rate periods. For example, the popular […]

Car Loan for Retirees

Finding car loans for retirees can be a little different from your usual funding agreement search – and it’s important to understand the ins and outs, as well as the unique challenges of this itinerary before applying. Purchasing your new car with financial means has many advantages, especially at retirement age: you will have the […]

Car insurance premium war ended

The continuing fall in premiums for motor insurance has come to an end.   Good Finance have been the first insurers to increase all their premiums (for young people). London Insurance announces a premium increase for 2009 of five percent on average. The independent comparator John Dean expects more companies to follow this example early next […]

Fundamental Lessons on Money

At 20, in our youth, even with all the lessons we receive from our parents and our family, mistakes are also very important so we can learn what it means to be an adult. As much as these slips help us grow and understand more about who we are, we do not always have to […]